Saturday, 2 July 2011

Celebrating Canada Day

Yesterday was our country's 144th birthday!   We are incredibly blessed to live without fear in a peaceful country.   For this freedom, we are truly thankful!

Canada Day means fireworks :)  Both Ian and Megan were invited to attend the display with friends so Kelly and I cooked up a plan for the younger kids.  We put them to bed as usual, but woke Paige and Reece just before 11pm to take them to the fireworks in their pj's!   I popped a big bowl of popcorn and made hot chocolate for them as a little treat :)  We hustled them sleepy-eyed into the truck and drove to our secret vantage point where we watched the beautiful display together in the comfort of our vehicle, away from the crowds and mosquitoes.   It was a very fun family night!

Kelly cooked up his own surprise yesterday....  he took Reece early yesterday morning to pick up a canoe as a surprise for the family!  He found a 50% off sale and jumped at the chance to get it as he's wanted a family canoe for a very long time.  It pays to watch the sales and wait patiently because he saved several hundred dollars.  Yesterday was busily spent preparing the canoe for the inaugural paddle - Reece helped Kelly install the seats and the eyes for the the tie downs among other things.

Can you believe how crazy it is to have the canoe in the POOL!?  My hubby thought it was a great idea to keep the kids busy - he was right - they were happy for HOURS...

The canoe hit the water this morning for it's inaugural paddle which was REALLY fun!  The Sturgeon River was teaming with life, and we enjoyed every minute of it.  The weather was warm but not too hot with a light, cool breeze.  Perfect weather for canoeing!  We saw muskrats, ducks, red winged-blackbirds, fish, dragonflies and many more unknown species.  I know now to take a few field guides with us next time :)

 This picture shows the old train trestle bridge in the background - still functioning today!

Reece tried his hand at fishing...  just some weeds caught today :(

This footbridge is one that we walk on frequently, so it was neat for the kids to paddle UNDER it for a change.

All in all, a fantastic long weekend so far - with more fun things to come.  Happy Canada Day to my fellow countrymen (and women)!

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