Sunday, 3 July 2011

Working In Harmony With Outdoor Conditions

I'm one to want to be in the garden all day every day from early Spring until frost.  Unfortunately, conditions don't always support my way of thinking :)

At the moment, we have a horrible mosquito infestation making outdoor life pretty much miserable.  We had a VERY wet Spring and an even wetter start to summer.  In this part of the world that equals a bad year for mosquitos.   They are so bad it's enough to make a sane person go a little crazy with all the swatting and scratching!  Staying covered isn't helping as the little stinkers are biting right through clothing!  I'm not fond of using DEET laden repellents and natural remedies aren't strong enough for this epic infestation, so I'm waving a white flag and temporarily giving up.  I'm turning my attention indoors today for some long neglected cleaning and organizing.  Take that, mosquitoes!

I've had so many outside days in the past 2 months, that the house is looking really dingy and unorganized.  We try to keep up as best we can but in our "season of being outdoors" there isn't enough time to keep the house in tip top condition PLUS maintain our large food producing gardens.  That is real life living in a cold climate with a very short growing season.

Today's "Let's Make Lemonade Out Of Lemons" List

Clean out a few cupboards that are distressingly filthy and unorganized
Thorough vacuum including crevices
Mop kitchen and bathroom floors
Laundry x 6 loads folded and put away (to use up spilled laundry detergent without waste)
Pantry/fridge inventory
Clean out fridge and sanitize
Clean both upstairs bathrooms

Kelly is very busy working in the garage making some more (much needed!) shelving.  He's tidying, organizing and finding places for things that have been "homeless" for the nearly 2 years that we've been here.  It's looking so much better in there!

There are seasons and days for everything.  It's best to roll with it rather than fight it I'm learning.  Today, a forced "inside day" due to mosquitoes, but rather than pout, I'm actually rather thankful, because my house really could use a little T.L.C.  No guilt about being indoors, just peace - it's where I'm supposed to be today :)

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