Thursday, 30 June 2011

Can You Guess What These Are For?

These are so handy!  My Mom crocheted them for us, and we use them at breakfast :)  Any guesses????





They are finger mitts to keep your finger and thumb from burning when you hold your soft boiled egg to slice the top off it :)

Aren't they great?  I don't crochet, but I included a close up for those of you who do and want to copy them.  She doesn't use a pattern, she just "wings it" :)


  1. Oh, they are so cute....I was close...I was thinking egg cups, but I thought they were a bit

  2. Yeah, they are kind of sweet, aren't they? We actually use them to hold the egg while scooping out bites, too - they are the perfect solution for the kids, as their young skin is much more sensitive to the hot than our old toughened skin, lol.