Thursday, 28 July 2011

Excuse Me... Pardon Me... I Beg Your Pardon... I'm So Sorry....

That's what I feel like saying to my plants every time I am in the garden now.  It's beginning to look like a jungle out there and I've come to the rather embarrassing conclusion that I planted everything WAY too close together.  What was I thinking?  Oh yes, I remember...  that early Spring desire to "get as much food out of every square inch of garden space as I could syndrome".  Gack!  I have no idea how I'll actually harvest anything - there's no room to walk anywhere in my garden!   When will I learn?

Once again, it's been raining for most of the week, so I've hardly set foot in the garden other than to let the chickens in and out, dig a few potatoes from the boggy ground and pick a few peas, so the growth is really astounding to me.  Lush and tropical are words that come to mind as the corn plants reach my chest today.  Do you see what I see?  The corn is flowering!

The bush beans have been in flower for a while now and they are forming nicely.  They're still too small to pick however, but they will be ready soon if we could just get a little sun!  These pole beans are fast climbing up the corn, and both plants seem in total agreement with the arrangement.

I desperately need to thin my carrots (and should have done that ages ago), but it just didn't happen with the torrential rains and constantly squelchy soil.  And if you all could tell me HOW I'm going to harvest my bush beans (in the centre of the picture)?  They are totally surrounded by carrots and potatoes with nary an inch to walk on.  ROFLOL.

Oh - yes, and because we spent the morning at the U-Pick, I've got a "few" raspberries to put up tonight before my cherries and apricots arrive tomorrow!

Looks like I'm going be just a little bit busy....  *ahem*  Right then, back to work!


  1. Wow! beautiful and bountiful! love,andrea

  2. abundant! beautiful! Have fun with canning and making use of the berries and fruits.

    I'm jealous. Our garden is struggling right now, even with us watering as much as we dare. I wish we could have your summer and our winter!

  3. wow Sherrie, I definitely need some gardening pointers from you...I have been watching that patch since you first is Brilliant! I've pretty much given up on my winter garden, not much left in there at the moment...
    Well's great to see the proof of all your hard work.

  4. hi
    your garden looks wonderful.beautiful berries!!!!
    my garden looks at the moment not well.
    wishing you fun with canning.

  5. Thanks all! Yes, it sure is good to see the fruit of one's labour :) It has been a lot of hard work, but hopefully it will be worth it come winter when the freezer and pantry are full of organic produce.