Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Day In The City Topped With Eggs Benedict!

Today was our daughter's orthodontist appointment in the city.  She goes every 5-6 weeks so that's when I plan to run all my errands in the city.  First, it saves gas but most importantly, it saves me time.  Time is proving to be one of my most valuable commodities when there is so much to do on our little homestead.

I sound like an old codger, but I really don't care for the traffic, the noise and the hectic pace of the city.  The lineups, the crowds, the people rushing around pushing and jostling all make me count down the stops until I can hit the highway and head home.  

We completed all of our errands (which included a trip to Costco), and made it home in 4 hours.  We had time to unload everything, have a nice hot cup of tea and relax for a bit before tending to some chores.

Megan decided that she was craving Eggs Benedict, so she looked up a Hollandaise Sauce recipe on and got busy.  I was busy making bread for the next day's sandwiches, so she decided to grab the bull by the horns and finish supper.  She did a fantastic job and I hardly helped at all.

First, make the sauce.  This recipe is a blender recipe and was very easy and super quick.

Then poach the eggs (we use a large cast iron fry pan).  Boil some water to a gentle simmer, add about 1/4 cup vinegar, then gently crack your eggs into the simmering water.  Use a spoon to gently bathe the eggs by putting a little water over them occasionally.  Allow to simmer gently while you toast english muffins.  Top them with butter and fried ham or back bacon.

When the eggs are cooked (but with runny yolks) gently scoop them out with a large slotted spoon and place onto ham topped english muffins.

Then top with warm hollandaise sauce and fresh pepper.  I know - the sauce looks fake :)  Our chickens lay eggs with bright orange yolks and because this sauce is made with the yolks, it's especially bright.  It was SO delicious!

Thanks for a fabulous supper, Megan!  Good job XO


  1. I highly despise traffic and crowds, too.

    Gosh, those eggs look. I might have try it out.

  2. PS the sauce recipe link isn't working.

  3. Sorry about the link problem. I've had nothing but trouble with links today! Will try again in the morning. Argh!