Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I Turned a Few Heads Today

as I left the grocery store.  Imagine that.  Doesn't everybody take advantage of loss leaders offered without limits?

Apparently not.   *Giggle*   At $4.88 for 24 double rolls, I grabbed as many as that huge cart would hold.

Building a stockpile of food and necessities based on loss leader shopping is a great budget stretcher not to mention a huge convenience!  By shopping this way (in bulk at rock bottom prices), I can easily build up a great pantry/stockpile without breaking the budget.  Eventually, by taking advantage of the weekly "loss leader" specials, you'll end up with a well rounded store of food and staples to "shop" from at home.  It's fantastic to have a good selection of food and supplies built up so that if you have a busy time or a hardship of some sort and can't get out to shop, you'll have more than enough to get by at home.

When we moved to this house 2 years ago, we had very little on hand.  I had intentionally tried to use it all up prior to moving, so we started from scratch here.  I'd say it took a good 6 months to build up a decent selection at home, and a year to say that it was truly well rounded.

Watch the fliers.  Check the prices of the cover page sale items as these are your "loss leaders".  They are items priced very low (often at a loss) to get you into the store.  Stock up on those loss leaders as each store and store them appropriately at home.  Do it again next week and the week after that.  Soon you'll have a great stash of food and supplies for less money than you'd think!


  1. I had a laugh at your trolley, not at you, but because I often do this, walk through the supermarket mall with a trolley loaded with cheap poo paper...people look at me as if I have two heads...I just smile....and wonder if half of them go to the shop I just came from and grab a few cheap rolls for themselves!!!

  2. LOL I do the same thing too. It's amazing how quickly you can build up a 'shop' at home shopping like this.