Monday, 4 July 2011

Superb Banana Loaf

This is my Mom's old recipe "from a way back" and I've never found one better.  I suspect it's the sour cream and the little baking soda trick that make it so moist and yummy. Mind the stained recipe card - it's been in steady use for 21 years of married life :)

My Mom's original recipe calls for margarine (as you see above) but I use butter in my baking (and she now does, too).  You decide what works for you.  The bananas need to be heavily speckled, well past their eating prime as you see below.  

You MUST put the sour cream and baking soda into a bowl FIRST to let it bubble up while you are assembling the rest of the ingredients.   It won't turn out otherwise!

Here's the batter before adding the sour cream mixture....

...and after adding the sour cream mixture.   It really makes it moist and velvety :)

I'm a purist and I don't care for chocolate chips or nuts in my Banana Loaf.  Give it to me straight with a cup of strong tea or coffee, thankyouverymuch.  You may have very different opinions about that :)

Here's the finished loaf.  I always find it needs to bake the full hour vs. the 50 minutes.  In fact, it often needs an additional 5 minutes AFTER the hour is up otherwise it can be a little heavy and wet on the bottom.  Make sure it's fully cooked and has risen up high in the centre - err on the side of caution and leave it in a bit more if you are unsure.

Do try it.  I promise you won't be disappointed!   I planned to show a picture of it sliced, but with 7 people in the house, it was GONE before I came back to the kitchen to take a picture of it cooled and sliced!   Geez!!!!

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