Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Inspiration For Meals In The Garden

It feels like September.  It was rainy and cold again yesterday, so on went the oven to roast more beef bones.  The heady aroma of slow roasted meat plus the offerings of potatoes and peas from the garden inspired a delicious Beef Stew.  It seems crazy to be eating Stew in July but I'm loving letting the garden and the weather dictate what we eat.

I am in LOVE with the color of these purple potatoes!  I can't get enough of them and I wish I knew what variety they are.  Anyone know?  The seed was from our neighbour (who gifted me all my potato seed this year) and he just calls them "Purple Potatoes" :)

Don't you just adore the perfection of a plump pod of peas just picked?  Mind the dirty fingers, I JUST stepped in from the garden.

Today was sunny so the beds got stripped first thing and the sheets were washed and hung out to dry before we left to hit the local water spray park.  Such fun to get out and about after so many days of thunderstorms and rain... 

My mind is busy thinking ahead to Friday.  I've got a large organic fruit order arriving from the Okanagan, so I'll be very busy putting up apricots and cherries this weekend. More jam and a few pies for the freezer, I think.  Have you got any yummy recipes for apricots or cherries to share?  Pretty please?

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  1. OH, I'm jealous. I wish I had good ways of putting up apricots and cherries! Strawberries were down to $1.50 per pound, so maybe some strawberry jam this weekend? Also, anyone with ideas (other than pickling) for preserving banana peppers?