Thursday 20 October 2016

Local Spending

Needing to purchase a few things for the house (since moving in) instigated a bit of research on where to source what we need without:

a)  breaking the budget
b) compromising values re: purchasing natural fibres/recycled material whenever possible
c) supporting local businesses/people

Sometimes, it seems impossible to find what we're looking for (while meeting those criteria) but in this community, we have a HUGE resource in the local Habitat for Humanity Re-Use Centre.  It's quickly become our favourite store because I often find what I'm looking for at a decent price but also, because 100% of proceeds go toward building homes for community members in need.  Spending money there supports recycling AND helps local community members so it's a HUGE win in our books!

We've learned to check the Re-Use store every time we are in town because the stock changes rapidly.  Local stores, contractors and community members donate goods every day so inventory changes (literally) minute by minute.   The store itself is very organized and clean with sections for lighting, plumbing, hardware, flooring, appliances, furniture, doors, windows, cabinets and home goods.   Some items are new and some are gently used.  

Three days ago, I purchased this NEW 100% wool 8'x10' area rug (still in the original manufacturer's wrapping) for $75.00.  The original sticker price from the local home improvement store that donated it said $699.00.  Talk about a great savings!  We are SO PLEASED to have found a rug made from natural fibres and to have supported this incredible local community resource so we bought it for the sitting area by the wood stove.  This area of the house has hardwood flooring (which at times can feel cold on the feet),  so this rug cozies up the room and makes the house more comfortable.  We love the natural colours in the rug and as it feels very soft on the feet, we couldn't be happier with our purchase.  

Yesterday, hubby and I had another browse through the store while in town and found a new electrical breaker needed for the house priced at $5.00.   Not 30 minutes prior, my husband purchased the identical breaker from the home improvement store for just under $20.00.  Of course, he will be returning that one next time he's in town!  

My parents are in the middle of building their cottage home on the property so I know we'll be looking to this store for materials, fixtures and fittings to incorporate into their home.  I'm currently looking for a dining table, a wall cabinet for the bathroom, materials to make a desk from (or something ready to use) plus miscellaneous hardware items so will continue checking each time I'm in town.   I'll keep you posted on our finds.

Does YOUR community have a Habitat For Humanity Re-Use Centre?