Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Eggs, Sourdough, Cats and Seeds

After many weeks of limping along with just an egg or two a day, we are thrilled to be flush once again ~ I feel like a wealthy woman!  One of the happiest signs that daylight hours are increasing is a full egg basket, I say.

I've been wanting to make homemade pasta for weeks, but as that takes a lot of eggs I had to hold off making it until now.   I took John's advice and made his Einkorn Fettucini.  The wait made it all the more delicious! You must try it - so hearty and filling but not heavy in the least.  

In other kitchen news, oh glory day, I FINALLY made a sourdough loaf that can be eaten thanks to Jaime of Ngo Family Farm!    I still have a long way to go but the taste and tender texture were absolutely divine.   I used some flour that I was gifted over Christmas (organic unbleached white), but next up is using Einkorn from John and Cindy at Gold Forest Grains.  Love their products - highly recommended!  Forgive the blurry picture (kids taking photos for me).

Our new kitten (Tiger) has settled in well.   As you can see, the cats are quite pleased with one another.  Our older cat has become much more playful with his new little charge about (but as you can see they love a good nap, too!).

Like the cats, I've been curling up with my seed orders and garden plans for 2015.  I placed a large order through Harmonic Herbs already (LOVE their quality and high germination rate not to mention their local roots).  I've been ordering from them for a few years now and am very pleased to recommend them to you without any hesitation.

As well, I am finalizing my order from Heritage Harvest Seed.  They have an incredible selection of rare heirloom seeds and I love to add new plants to my garden from them each year.  It's fascinating to read the history of plants and how they came to be grown here in Canada (and ultimately passed on through many generations).

We've had a strange winter so far.  Some extremely cold stretches, yes, but mostly mild temperatures so far.  It has everyone thinking that Spring is around the corner but I know this to be far from the truth.   We have a few more months of winter yet which suits me fine as I've got plenty to do indoors until then!