Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Warming Power of Soup

The days are crisp and cold but all is bright (I do love the brightness of an Alberta winter).  Snow reflecting the sun's rays and clear blue skies make a cold prairie winter (just) bearable....   

Chilly days call for plenty of warming and soup is the very best way to do just that.  There's nothing quite like a hot bowl of homemade goodness to nourish and warm you right to the core.   On Saturday, to satisfy a craving, I made Italian Wedding Soup which (in my family's opinion) is the perfect combination of light and hearty.   I used an adapted version of this recipe.  

Into my stock pot of homemade chicken broth went the sweated veggies.  They simmered while I made meatballs from local pastured pork (in Great Grandma Amy's mixing bowl).

Fresh parsley, grated parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, and egg and seasoning made these little morsels so tasty...  Make lots because you can never have enough meatballs in the soup!   My family actually fights over them and rations them out - it's ridiculous really, but someday I'll look back on it and laugh....  

As the meatballs baked, I added some broken up whole wheat spaghetti noodles to the broth (which were cooked to doneness just as the meatballs came out of the oven).   Into the soup pot they went with some chopped fresh spinach.  By this point, the tantalizing aromas brought the family (and 2 of our children's friends) from far and wide....   Having just pulled a loaf of sourdough out of the oven it was all too much to bear and nobody could wait for supper to eat so we ate at 4:30 in the afternoon!  Would you believe I have no picture if the finished soup or the bread?  I blame that on having a horde of hungry mouths to feed in that moment.  LOL

To note - THIS is the sourdough loaf I'm crushing on at the moment.  It's so good and so easy - I make it every day using fresh ground Gold Forest Grain's Einkorn wheat berries.