Monday, 11 July 2011

Rainy Weekend Happenings

A busy rainy weekend!

Second hand steel shelves (bought very cheaply from Kelly's work) put up in the storage room ready for all the preserved garden harvest.  So nice to have my jars organized and ready to go.  This shelf measures 8' long and will hold thousands of pounds, so LOTS of space for winter food storage :)

Much needed wire fencing and lifejackets found on steep markdowns (2/3 off and 50% off respectively).  Very good savings - it pays to watch the ads and wait...

A new front loader bucket installed on the tractor.  We have much yard work to do on our land, so this bucket will save us a bundle.  No more hiring out a bobcat or skidsteer!  It also will save Kelly many hours of time each week in winter, by clearing our driveway of snow in record time.  We get snow for 6 months of the year, so that attachment will not be sitting idle, ever.  We bought an aftermarket bucket as opposed to a John Deer loader bucket - much cheaper and very high functioning.  For the money and time it will save us it was a wise investment.

In between getting the storage room put back together, I filled the freezer with 8 wholewheat loaves, 24 muffins, 6 dozen cookies, and cheese buns.  When I'm busy preserving and canning, I'll have a nice freezer stash to get us by.

The local u-pick is nearly ready for us to come and pick strawberries!  I'm so eager to make strawberry freezer jam, pies and syrup.  Such a treat in the dead of winter to savour the freshness of homegrown berries :)

I've got a dozen crowns of broccoli coming ready for harvest this week, plus I'm betting my peas will be ready to start picking later in the week... YIPPEE!   Regardless of how many I plant, it seems that we never have enough to freeze - we seem to eat them all raw, lol!  Anyone else "suffer" the same problem?  :)  The raspberries are a little late due to the cold rainy weather - but the berries are forming and I'm guessing in a bout 2 weeks time, we'll all be gorging on warm red berries till our fingers are stained ruby red :)

This is the calm before the storm...  If we could just get a little less rain and little more sun, I'll be knee deep in jars, stirring cauldrons of bubbling goodness in a few short weeks.  Happy, Happy!


  1. weather is wonky this year. We get almost no rain, you get too much. It's HOT here, and has been since April, you get a chilly spring. such is life.

    I hope to can jalapenos this week... should be fun!

  2. Oh Sherrie...I'm exhausted reading about all your harvesting...I imagine all the hard work...but yep it's soooo worth it...Good for you.....Nothing better hey!....I'm also jealous of your heavy duty storage AND all your canning jars....What a fantastic supply.