Wednesday, 6 July 2011

First Broccoli Harvest

After my post yesterday about the state of the garden, it was so encouraging to lift the row cover this morning and find some broccoli ready to harvest!  While it was cool this morning, I removed the row cover entirely and tended the brassicas with a VERY watchful eye tuned in to cabbage moths.  NO sign of them, thankfully.  I harvested the broccoli, weeded thoroughly and pulled the low-lying, dragging leaves off the plants in hopes of keeping the mould down and improving air circulation under the row covers.  The job took 2 hours and was done before the heat really kicked up.

Here's the row of plants just before the row cover went back on.  I'll have to keep checking under there as there will be more broccoli ready to harvest in a few days :)  The cauliflower and cabbage are nowhere near ready yet.

For comparison, here's what the same row looked like back in mid/late May!


  1. I sooooo want your garden...I love do you plan to store it all?

  2. Good question! I blanched and froze 2 supper size servings for us plus there is enough for us to enjoy tonight for supper :) Can't wait!