Friday, 15 July 2011

The First Jam of the Season... strawberry :)  I bought 4 grocery bags full of just picked strawberries at a farm stand this morning and by 5pm, they were officially the first jam of the season!

                                All washed and ready for hulling and slicing.

                          Stirring in the butter, pectin and sugar on the stove in my newly thrifted unused cream enamel pot.  *love*

The first 19 jars of the season are full!  I love hearing the lids snap down crisply as they cool on the counter.  Such satisfaction in every snap :)

I like to make homemade yogurt on jam day so that I can use the dregs from the pot to sweeten and flavour the yogurt.  A simple whisk makes short work of it.  YUM!

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  1. hi
    very yum!!!!!i like strawberry jam.nothing taste better as fresh bread with butter and jam,for me.
    love regina