Thursday, 29 December 2011

Making It

Making instead of buying - a goal for 2012. 

 One of the indulgent products that I love but won't buy anymore is this shower/bath product from YonKa.  I like to put a little bit in the bottom of the tub and plug the drain when I take my shower.  The water smells heavenly and the oil moisturizes my feet as they soak.

I saved the bottle quite a long time ago, when I used up the last of what I had on hand.  I finally got busy and experimented with a homemade solution.

Castor oil and essential oils have done a pretty good job of replicating the bath oil :)  I used rosemary, lavender and a tiny touch of eucalyptus.   It lacks lather, but as I never did use it for that purpose (instead using my homemade soap), I can live with out the bubbles.  Next time, I think I'll try using castor oil infused with calendula or lavender flowers...

One of my small indulgences, filled with an incredibly easy, simple and inexpensive homemade solution - success!


  1. How satisfying, Sherri! Making body products is addictive. When you infuse the castor oil with calendula/lavender will you use a crock pot or a double boiler?

  2. I like your goal and the sound of tat foot soak

  3. I haven't heard anyone talk about castor oil in years, didn't even know it was still around......

    Gill in Canada