Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Savour The Season

I'm constantly amazed at how the simplest things are what make special memories.  As we inch closer to Christmas, the children reminisce about their favourite memories of Christmases past...

baking and decorating cookies
building gingerbread houses
going for drives to see the pretty lights
walking down Candy Cane Lane (an street of elaborately decorated homes in the city)
gathering natural items to decorate with
making gifts by hand
addressing cards and greetings together while sipping hot chocolate
delivering surprise gifts
doing a big (many day) puzzle together
playing board games
looking through all our old photo albums
playing Christmas carols on the piano

The countdown is on (tomorrow is Christmas Eve!) and so I'll say goodbye to this space for a while so that I can fully savour this wonderful season with my family :)

May you all enjoy this holiday season to its fullest with those you love by your side...


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