Thursday, 1 December 2011

Meet Emmaline

I've had this pattern sitting in my sewing room for way too long.  I swooned over it every time I saw it but with our focus strictly out of doors for the past 6 months, there was no time for sewing until now.

I'm in dire need of a little sweetness in the apron department ~ all mine are stained, worn thin, faded and frumpy.  I'm all about dressing for success and baby, this will do just fine...  halter ties at the neck, completely reversible, sweet sashes, good coverage, comfortable, substantial and just plain adorable!

I fell in love with this vintage look fabric at a 50% off sale and it was just the kick in the pants I needed to bring Emmaline into my life.  It's trimmed and lined with coordinating fabrics from the same line ~ "Sewing Room Social".  Isn't that a sweet name?

It feels SO good to get back to the sewing machine after such a long hiatus and equally good to make something useful and attractive for myself.  Look out Emmaline, there won't be much rest for you, we've got a lot of cooking and baking to do...


  1. I love!!!!

    Baking will never be better! Okay well it will be fun to bake and swirl around in a lovely apron!!

  2. Thanks Humble Wife! :) I'm currently sewing 3 more of them because it is THE most comfortable apron I've ever worn :)

  3. What a sweet, beautiful apron! I love the fabric, and you wear it well :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello! I just found you! I love this apron! 2 years ago I made everyone an apron for Christmas and I don't know if any of them use them! I do!! And I have some fabric calling me from my sewing spot, but other projects are in the way and today is a JOB day, so I need a shower and to be on my way!!!

  5. That is a great looking apron and i bet it makes you want to go and cook everytime you see it!

  6. I've seen a couple of aprons like that one (probably same pattern!) and thought they were so gorgeous... but the materials you used are so lovely! It looks great...

    (BTW, I found your blog from Christine's blog list?)