Monday, 2 January 2012


Ushering in a New Year has long been a much loved process for me.  It is a time of natural renewal and reflection and I LOVE the fresh breath of energy and creative thinking that comes as the result of the natural pause at the end of the calendar year.

Reflection is so much more than a fond look back... for me, it is an important catalyst for change... an inventory of mind, body and spirit.  I use this time of natural reflection to dissect the year and make decisions about what I need to do differently in the year ahead.  Not just in my own personal life, but also for the family, the household and our land.

I firmly believe that we have tremendous power to change. Instead of hopping right back onto the "hamster wheel" that my days can sometimes feel like, I am purposing to make thoughtful changes in my days.  Changes that will improve efficiency, create more peace and margin and most importantly STRETCH me in new ways.

I am hungry for more.

More learning, more experiences, more energy, more joy, more purpose, more confidence, more challenge, more skills, more meaning, more independence, more success, more passion!

My one and only change this year is to Do Hard Things.

Instead of doing what's comfortable, I'm going to do what's UNcomfortable.

Instead of reaching for the familiar, I'm going to reach boldly into the unknown.

Instead of sticking to what is safe, I'm going to take a few chances at trying new things...

That should do very nicely :)

Well, hello 2012 :)  Let's see what we can get up to, shall we?

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