Monday, 12 December 2011

The Blues...

The seeds for these "Blue" potatoes were given to me by my neighbour back in the Spring.    He's been gardening organically for 40"ish" years across the road and he never buys seed potatoes.  He collects different varieties over the years from friends and fellow gardeners and he always saves his own seed every year.  He never saves varieties that don't grow or store well here.

He simply calls these his "Blues" but he's not sure of the official name as he's had them for so many years.  I'll simply call them Gorgeous.

I left the peels on, chopped them, tossed them in local cold pressed canola oil, seasoned them well and roasted them.  They were divine and they stayed purple through the cooking process.

Such a treat to have a large store of fresh potatoes on hand ~ these are just one of the many varieties we grew and I think we've got just enough of everything to last until late Spring.  

All that work has paid off :)

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  1. Wow Sherrie, they look so delicious...I would love to grow such a lovely potato....and to think you have enough stored until late spring...You are incredible!! What an astonishing amount of work it would be.