Thursday, 15 December 2011

In The Kitchen

Sauteed veggies and Fava Beans incorporated into a pasta dish.

A surprise chocolate chip muffin smiley face greeting a morning breakfast eater

An afternoon spent baking some goodies (muffins and cookies) and some goodness (breads and ham and lentil soup).

All the while admiring my new Freecycle find - a set of vintage Le Creuset cook wear in excellent condition.  

I am thankful... oh yes, indeed!


  1. What???!!!! vintage le creust cookwear? I am so jealous.

    Sounds like a good day. Yea!

  2. It's funny how you are cooking up yummy warming food and we are hotting up down-under for summer.

    Wow, I have Le Creuset envy too! So how much did that cost or was it free?


  3. great score on the pots and pans, very envious!!


  4. Joolz, the set was FREE from my local Freecycle network! I still can't believe my good fortune and I'm very grateful. A lovely older woman found them too difficult to work with as her strength was waning, so she bought herself a new set of stainless steel cook wear and listed these on Freecycle. I just happened to be checking email when the post came through, so I was able to reply instantly and was given permission to pick them up that afternoon. I am still in shock!

    My son is in Australia currently enjoying the hot weather while we turn indoors to warming food and warming habits... such contrast!

  5. Sherrie, you look yummyly busy in your kitchen, well done on the cookware....they look lovely.

  6. Your kitchen stove area looks so inviting!!!
    and you are very lucky for the le creuset find!
    You are a smart homemaker! love,andrea

  7. Freecycle is awesomw but that find really takes the cake! gREAT LOOKING FOOD.

  8. The Le Creuset was really free?!?! What'd that retail for, $750-1000? You have some good karma. ;)

  9. Yes, Kevin, it really was.... our local network is a wonderful community. My husband and I have given away many things and have been fortunate enough to receive some fantastic items. This set truly does take the cake, however! The other amazing find was my mangle... I've wanted a rotary iron ever since I got married and I love having it.

  10. Nice cookware sister !!! Love it !

  11. I used to think that freecycle was the most amazing thing too when we lived in Alberta. We put a TON of stuff on there, and also received some amazing things too. Since moving to BC, we have discovered something we call here "share sheds"...AWESOME is all I can describe it as. All free as well, first come first serve, you just have to show up at the dump where this shed is located.
    Anyways, I just get so excited when I get to see other peoples great FREE finds!
    Merry Christmas!