Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Keep calm and cuddle!

Meet "Tiger".  He's the newly appointed Jr. Executive Director at Little Home In The Country and his job is to ensure that NOBODY goes too long without a rest and a cuddle.  What a wonderful way to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the true pleasures in life - our loved ones :)

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

People first, things second

This is the time of year when people (generally speaking) get a little crazy about things that don't matter.  The further down the very windy road (intentional living) that we travel, the clearer our vision is about what really matters in life.  My favourite motto is said over and over in my head as we are bombarded with the festive season's (perceived) demands.  

People first, things second.

Brilliant and so clear, these 4 words recalibrate me instantly.   

We've been spending time with the people we care about, doing things like baking 

and sharing

and crafting

and cuddling

and generally rejoicing in the fact that we have each other in our lives.  We've been making gifts and the kids are wrapping up surprises.  The excitement builds as handmade decorations are being displayed indoors and out.

Soon, we will kick off the festive season with a sledding party.  Many cookies will be decorated and much hot chocolate will be poured.  I suspect a few rum and eggnogs will be supped, too ;)

However you celebrate, may it be with those you love XO