Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Graduate

We spent the entire day yesterday (well into the evening!) celebrating Ian's high school graduation.   It was a wonderful day in every way and Ian really enjoyed himself.  As a parent, it's such a great feeling to see your adult child make their way into the world, full of eagerness and energy, with all the possibilities for the future at their fingertips.

Congratulations, Ian!  We love you and we're very proud of the fine man you have become.


  1. I'm seeing my youngest grow up all too soon this year...he has just completed some Work Experience with a major Metal Industry Company working on a huge fleet of vehicles....they have asked for a copy of his resume, and are looking for apprentices for next year. So proud of the reference he received, glowing!
    Love the big grin on your face....Glowing with pride.

  2. Oh yes, proud Mama indeed!!!!!!! Sounds like your young man is off to a great start, too!