Friday, 3 June 2011

Late Frost

One of the challenges of gardening in a northern climate is the short season.  With late frosts in early summer and early frosts in late summer/early fall, it's HARD to be successful as a home organic gardener.  My seeds have nearly all sprouted and things look good in the garden just in time for old man winter to rear his ugly head at this late date!!!!!!  Argh!!!!  Our forecast is for temperatures just above zero in the city, which out here in the country translates to a frost and possible sub zero temps.  We scrambled after supper to get the tomatoes covered and we covered as many of the beans as we could.  The rest of the crops can tolerate the cold, and we hope they survive.  That's all we can do.  If I have to reseed the beans, there is still enough time for them to reach harvest, but if we lose the tomatoes at this late date, it would be devastating.  I'd have to buy plants which would cost a lot of money but would still be cheaper than buying tomatoes from the store.

I'll update in a day or so, hopefully to report success, but I'm braced for the worst.....


  1. Hello Sherri,
    Wow, what a great find with the canning jars, you lucky duck....I'm sure you will post a pic when you have them all filled with goodies for your family. I have just spent a hour or so going back through your blog and I just love how you write about your life in the country. I will follow it daily from now on.
    I grew up in Ottawa but have been in Aussie for the past 40 years. married with one son and two grandbabies. We have just gone into winter over here but our temps are not as low as your summer ones at this time. Hope your garden is OK after the cold snap.
    Take care and cheerio for now,
    Gillian (Chiria)DTE

  2. Gillian, Nice to "meet" another Canadian! What a huge climate variance we experience... imagine your early winter temps not as high as our early summer temps! Amazing... thanks for popping in :)