Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bartering and Trading

Recently, I've traded eggs and jam for canning jars, seed potatoes, homemade cheese and chili pepper plants.  For 6 months, I traded business coaching services and childcare for the weekly Art Classes that my children took.  I've also swapped clothing that my kids outgrew for new food grade plastic buckets to store grain in.

I love to trade!  It's an awesome way to "buy" what you need without any money changing hands.  Think about what you have or make that has value to others and offer to exchange :)  Produce, fruit off your trees, plants, eggs, preserved food, handwork, baking, soaps and salves, childcare, cleaning services, etc.  You could even teach someone a skill that you know in exchange for goods.  

Ask your family, your neighbours, your friends and your co-workers - opportunities to swap are everywhere.  I'd love to hear about your swapping transactions... new ideas are always welcome!


  1. I agree, bartering is such a great thing to do. Just yesterday I received two organic baby wraps and glass baby bottles in the post. They were bartered for advertising space on my blog. Your chard looks amazing. I hope the garden has dried up now.

  2. Fantastic post...I love bartering or trading...It's so much more rewarding...exchanging goods....and the value doesn't need to be in's more about what others have, that you need...and the other way around....
    I wish I could trade fresh eggs for something I do.

  3. Nellymary, why don't you put up a blog post asking for someone local who has fresh eggs to contact you about swapping? There must be some locals who read your blog - it's awesome!

    Rhonda, yes the garden has dried up, thanks :) That was a great trade to receive the baby wraps and glass bottles for advertising. The glass ones are much safer and they are so easy to clean and sanitize. Thank you for your comment about the chard - it did really well, didn't it?