Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Art Show

This post is mainly for the benefit of our family living in BC, so kindly bear with me :)

Our three youngest children took art classes from a fellow homeschooling parent who has a teaching degree with a minor in Art.  She herself is an talented artist and she did a fantastic job teaching the kids various techniques.  It was a challenge for her as the class had students from 6-14, so the ability (and patience) levels were all over the map, but she pulled it off!  The kids created a massive array of artwork in 6 months - this is only a little bit of what they produced.  Sparkling apple juice (in champagne flutes!) and a cheese platter with fruit made it all seem very "artsy" as we walked around appreciating their semester's work.  The kids loved it!

 This computer mouse was turned into a "mouse" with a tail in the sculpture lesson.

The kids were taught some photography skills and they took great pictures!

All in all a great experience for the kids from the first lesson to the Art Show.  Thank you Dana!  XO

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