Monday, 20 June 2011


I kid you not it has been raining for well over a week!  We've had VERY brief pockets of dry skies, but the rain always returns a few hours (or minutes!) later.  The ground is absolutely saturated and is now puddling everywhere (including the garden).  I'm very worried that my potatoes will rot and I'd hate to have to replant them at this late date.

 carrot seedlings (in need of another weeding) literally swimming....

 peas are underwater (along with their neighbouring weeds)

The new garden (most recently planted) is horribly flooded.  These potatoes are the ones I'm worried about most.

We had to put a bale of straw down in front of the coop in the hen run because the poor girls were having to negotiate a very gooey quagmire of squelchy mud to get into the coop.  Poor girls had mud all over their feet which meant that the eggs were absolutely filthy!

I managed to get 2 rows of beans weeded yesterday in-between showers, but that took some doing!  It was soggy and the soil was like gumbo - sticking to my garden clogs like glue.  I gave up after those 2 rows, it was such a difficult task to walk with what felt like concrete blocks on my feet.  My wonderful husband pulled up the row cover over the brassicas on Saturday during a dry spell and weeded the entire double row (you see half of it below) which was a HUGE help for me.  Thanks, babe.

One bright spot to the heavy rainfall - we don't have to fill the pool!   10 days ago, Kelly set up the above ground pool that we got off my my brother.   We had to have some water trucked in to fill it 2/3 full as our well can't handle filling a pool of this size.  We were planning to fill the rest slowly over the course of a week, but the long rain spell has meant that it's now nearly full of lovely soft rain water :)

We created our own happiness indoors today - much more colourful than what's outside right now :)

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