Saturday, 31 March 2012

Feel The Heat

With the temperature soaring, the snow is quickly disappearing...

 The dog is mesmerized by the warm tingles...and he succumbs to long afternoon naps.

I'm busy finishing my garden plan, using my VERY worn out, soil stained copy of this book as my guide.

The kids hauled a camp chair up to the deck to soak up some sun in their swimsuits, complete with my famous "Lemon Squeezies"

Lemon Squeezies

Fill blender half way full with ice
add approx. 1/2 - 1 cup sweetener of choice (I use sugar)
add the juice of 2 large lemons
add the zest of both lemons
fill with water leaving headspace for blending without overfilling

Blend on high until slushy and taste test with a spoon.  Adjust sweetener to taste.  Serve with a fresh lemon slice, a mint leaf garnish or even some lavender... (none of which I have currently).

Be prepared for a refreshing taste explosion that once you experience for the first time, will compel you to make this EVERY SINGLE summer day...  ALL summer long.  Sorry, but be prepared and buy lemons by the bagful!


  1. Oh, goodness, those lemon squeezies look good! Gonna have to try it!

    Funny, how location dependent everything is. I think in you last post you mentioned about being eager to get out and plant... I'm having a hard time keeping the garden weeded! You are welcome to come visit me and you can work in my garden! With all the wet days, I have seedlings out growing their pots. But, you know what, I'd take situations like this over weeks of snow any day.

    Sweet Lady -- you amaze me. and your kids... swimming suits... in the 60s? I'm still in long pants and long sleeves until it reaches the mid-70s at least. :::sigh::: location, location, location

  2. Looks like you are doing some "serious" garden planning! I do believe companion planting works....

  3. Rachael - location is key!!!!! I would WILT in the southern heat, I'm certain :)

    Meggie - oh yes - must plan - no room for mucking around - our season is VERY compressed, so good planning is SO important. We only get 3 ish months of frost free nights!

  4. Your kids are in their swimmers at just 16 degrees! I've just looked at our temp which is coolish at this time of the morning and it's 21c!

  5. My kids will try this recipe for sure!!! Thanks for sharing :-)