Sunday, 4 March 2012

Late Winter's Rhythm

I NEVER tire of our sunrises.  They are the same, but different, every day.

Eating breakfast by the light of day is a nice change from the mid winter glow and flicker of candle light.  

 We are deep in winter's rhythm of crafting and lessons...

cooking and baking,

creating and sewing.

Spring will come eventually, but for now, it's enough to have the extra daylight hours.  It is just what we need to get through the next 8 weeks.

Soon, the snow will melt and the ground will thaw.  The cycle will begin again.  I'm eager, but I remember the work that never seemed to end and I remember the fatigue that sleep couldn't fix.

 I'll take a bit more rest just now, thanks... I'm going to need it :)


  1. What a truly gorgeous sunrise pic and i enjoyed the theme of this post! Taking it easy for a little longer sounds good to me...i can't wait for Autumn to arrive here!
    That pizza looks so fresh and yum!

  2. I love the design on the breakfast plate....and the breakfast, too!

  3. love the beautiful sunrise.oh and the fabric have a wonderful colours,love it. homemade pizza is the best.thanks for all the lovely pics.
    have a nice day,
    love regina

  4. Thanks Jode - the pizza was good - it's our favourite lunch - slathered in home canned sauce, it's absolutely scrumptious!

    Meggie - the plate is English Emma Bridgewater - our all time favourite dishes! This pattern is called Speckled Hen. Check them out - they have so many gorgeous patterns!

    Regina, Thank you :) The floral was bought at the charity store very cheaply, and the stripe was from my stash... an old baby wrap re-purposed :) I can't leave comments on your blog - did you change a setting?

  5. Gorgeous, (both the images and the pace of life). Enjoy your rest time.

  6. I love sunrises in winter, it makes it seem a little less cold outside.

  7. Love your pictures! Cheris the sweet simple things in life :-)