Sunday, 25 March 2012


 A frosty, chilly morn means indoor breakfast for the hens.

Our back tree line has a magical opening leading out to the field...  doesn't it look like a gateway to Narnia or some such place?  I love misty mornings...

The sun worked hard to burn through (and eventually did).

 The thrift shop was most kind to me... offering up this lovely English donut maker 
(that I can't wait to try)...

 a selection of handmade cards that will last us the year at just 10 cents each... 

and these beauties...  

...not to mention, yardage, clothing for me and the kids and a lovely cake plate just perfect for my needs.

And cleaning... OH the cleaning!  

 The craft cupboard in the kitchen went from SCARY to inspiring,

...and my hall closets went from Chaos to Calm.  

A good weekend so far with a little more to come...


  1. Great finds and wonderful decluttered areas !!!
    Have a fantastic day.

  2. Those snow pix are stunning.

  3. I love those snow pictures. The "Entrance to Narnia" one would make a stunning framed picture!
    Can you come and organise my cupboards for me....pretty please lol

  4. Oh goodness, I have that exact same set of canisters from my mom! Too funny :)

  5. I know, Jaime, I saw them on your blog and LOVED them! I REALLY wanted to have them and can you believe that I FOUND them at the thrift store with the original price stickers on them? Amazing...

    1. Ah, it was most certainly meant to be then! Wow :)

  6. beautiful pics!!!!
    have a nice day,
    love regina

  7. Looking at your thermometer, you must be totally ready for some spring days....

  8. Awesome pictures! Im always organizing something to but it never stays nice...and its only me, the husband and the dogs that live here now, lol

  9. Lovely picture of the 'Gateway to Narnia' as other are terming it. I also love the shelving in your closets! Is it wallpaper, or some type of paper? I'm wanting to copy the idea for my own!

    Keep up the great work!