Thursday, 15 March 2012

Signs of Early Spring

The way the truck looks filthy from our slushy, "soupy" country road

 The way the light has changed

 The way the chickens find the warmest spot to gather

 The way the cat gets into a whole new level of frisky trouble

 The first day we can bring the poultry water out for the day without it freezing

 The way the window bird feeder stays attached instead of falling off from the cold contraction of winter

 Bikes.  Oh yes, they ride bikes on the ice

 The first Spring fire on the garden

 The ice floes melting

 Short sleeves outside

 Barely keeping up with the filling of feeders

 Basking in the tingly warmth of the welcome rays of sun

The annual "washing of the pegs"

 and the subsequent drying in the sun

Oh yes, Spring is here!  We will surely have more snow, but at this point in the year, it's known as "spring rain" around these parts...  

We've made it through the worst :)


  1. What beautiful photos and the story they tell....

  2. Yey!!! Spring!!! Can't wait for you to come...

  3. Oh the changing of the seasons, something I miss every now and then.


  4. Hoorah for spring! Lovely photos especially loved the cat pictures.

  5. We have a very similar "sun catcher" in one of our windows!


  6. Short sleeves! How brave are those kids!

  7. ROFLOL, Rose... In all fairness, it was warm by the fire and with temps hovering around +6 it was a warm day for us! :)

  8. I just can't imagine our chickens dealing with snow and ice water!!
    Love the photos but i too cannot believe they are in short sleeves!
    What a great idea for a bird feeder...the log!Hope it keeps warming up for you x

  9. Those photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us all!!! We dont' get snow here in South Australia, so seeing your little one out in short sleeves with snow laying all around certainly is fascinating lol.

  10. For all you Aussie gals, I can't imagine the heat that you get for most of the year - I'd positively WILT!

  11. Looks like spring to me, at least how I remember it from NH. Wow, that is a HUGE cat!

  12. Becky - Noodles is a rescue cat who came to live with us to be the resident garage/shop mouser :) She spends the winter in a heated garage with her bed by a sunny window and by the looks of her, we had a lot of mice in there this winter! Living in the middle of farmland (grain), there are lots of mice... so lots of work for her, LOL. Come Spring, she is outside in the day and inside the garage at night and she slims down from the increased outdoor activity. She is a very happy working cat who loves affection :)