Saturday, 3 March 2012


On three sides of our land, we have trees.  While this may not sound noteworthy, out here on the bald prairie, this is BIG.   With tremendous forethought, the previous residents planted trees to block the wind on three sides of the whole 2.5 acres.  This was NOT a small undertaking and every day, I thank them when I look out my window.

  I thank them when my kids climb,

and hang pretty things.

I thank them when the snow weighs the branches down to make a hiding spot for small animals

and when I hang a bird feeder

for the hungry little birds.

I thank them when the kids play in them, building forts and creating habitats

but most especially, I thank them because the kids have named it

The Magic Forest.  


  1. I would love to have a magic forest! We have a tiny back garden plot, I do love to garden in it but with 2.5 acres it would be brilliant!

  2. There is so much fun to be had in a Magic Forest!

  3. Oh, what a magic forest indeed! The first thing we did when we moved to our farm was plant trees (mostly fruit), but we sure could use some more established ones to break the wind!

  4. Well, I tend to think that prairie should stay prairie but I myself would not want to live without trees around me. I am just so used to them I guess.

  5. Cool, looks lovely. Awesome bird feeder, must be tough being a small bird in weather like that!