Thursday, 29 March 2012


Just as sure as these tiny chicks are hungry, so are we.  Hungry for the clean, fresh air of Spring and the feel of the warm sun on our face.  Hungry to work in the soil and the for the fresh green food that comes from that.

We've planted all we can indoors.  This little (Freecycle find) greenhouse is groaning with the weight of new life.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate so that we can build a proper greenhouse this coming week.  The (largely scrounged) materials are ready and waiting, the snow has receded, Kelly arrives home on Monday and I am itching to get cracking on it.  


 The daily work of our life progresses on.  Schooling, baking, sewing, cooking, creating, cleaning, planning, washing, seeking, answering, nurturing, giving, taking, loving.... the endless circle of our days.

My challenge for 2012 was to both try new things and stick to hard things... at least until they got easier.   I had learned to knit when my lovely Mom showed me the ropes, but my distinct lack of patience and the requisite stillness required kept me from mastering it.  I was afraid to sit still for that long.  Scary, isn't it?

I'm slowing down now - not really because of age, but because I need to...  we all do.  So now, I sit and work at it, slowly and patiently, gradually getting better, but more importantly, losing myself in it.  My shoulders sit lower now.  The brow that was once furrowed is relaxed and the jaw that was clenched is slack.  My mind wanders here and there, full attention no longer required.  All of a sudden, another row is done.  I don't know what I'm knitting and it doesn't matter.   Turns out, all I was really hungry for was to be still for a while.

Slow is good :)


  1. I quite agree, we all need to slow down for a while, I have always been the sort of person who has to be doing, can never relax or if I do I feel very guilty.I am slowly learning to have some me time and if that means sitting and reading a magazine or a book so be it.

  2. Your bread looks wonderful. I managed to buy fresh yeast today (it's often difficult to obtain) I can't wait to try it out tomorrow - fill the house with the smell of home baked bread, one of the simple joys in life. I used to pound my frustration out on the bread dough but a couple of months ago I found the bread turns out so much better when I knead it with love. All these years!

  3. What a beaut little greenhouse you have there! We had a burst of hot weather a few days ago and i was so used to rain that i forgot to water my seedlings and lost a few! Ah well!
    I am loving the colour of that wool....i really need to slow too but there always seems to be never enough hours at the moment!
    I love making bread for the family but somedays i admit to wanting to skip it....when you make a few loaves at a time do you freeze some? I'm wondering if i should try that instead of baking every day....sometimes the twins need more of my attention!!

  4. Yes, Jode, I make 4 at a time and freeze 3. Now that hubby is working out of town, and my 2 oldest boys are out of the house, these 4 loaves will last us for close to a week. Previously (just 6 months ago), I was making 4 loaves every other day!

  5. I long to slow down and yes, I have tried my hand at knitting, just lately. Like you, I can't sit still for long - put another load of washing on, unload the dishwasher, check the computer...
    Your slow, deliberate life is what I am aiming for...

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Ah, slow IS good. I have to deliberately do things that take me more time as a way of allowing (training?) myself to slow down!

  7. I certainly can take a lesson from your post...Most of us really need to slow down a bit. The bread looks wonderful. I can almost taste it, thick sliced and covered with a thin layer of fresh butter.

  8. Oh yes... slow is NOT always easy! It's more of a mental battle for me than anything else... I'm a mover and a shaker by nature :) Meggie - the buttery warm bread is everyone's favourite! YUM!

  9. Wow! You are already in advance in your planting! I just planted in our little greenhouse yesterday. Hope it will come out soon :-)
    The bread sure looks delicious!
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Just found your blog through Ngo Family Farm - I LOVE your header....what a glorious sunset and great photo! Your freecycle greenhouse is most impressive....lucky find for you. We don't have that in my small town unfortunately. I am planting my garden this weekend too...excitement!!!! No matter how many times you do it, it is always a thrill!