Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What we're digging these days...

A bright cheerful welcome at the back door

 The miracle stomach upset cure

 Our new baby Copper Maran and Olive Egger chicks...

 who are growing so fast....

 we needed to upsize their brooder (using a dog crate)

 Our new Brinsea incubator all set up and waiting for some Welsummer and Barnevelder eggs to arrive

 Good reading

 Getting the trampoline set up

 The first ride of the season

 The garden showing itself after a long winter's nap

An afternoon rest in the warm sun

 A new greenhouse (using scrounged & second hand materials)

Transplanted tomato seedlings that are healthy and strong

Spring is glorious!


  1. Spring is looking good at your place!

  2. Such wonderful pictures !! The chicks look so incredibly sweet !!
    I think you can do a lot of work in your new greenhouse. That is something great to have ; )
    Have a womnderful day.