Friday, 23 March 2012

The week

Although the sun tried VERY hard to burn through, it didn't quite make it.  The heavy grey took over. Not the kind of sunrise I'm used to but beautiful nonetheless...

 The power was out recently for an entire afternoon.

We had raspberry pie for lunch that day.  It came out of the oven just minutes before the power outage, so we took it as a clear sign that it was meant to be eaten right then and there. Wouldn't you?  *Ahem*

 No matter about the lack of power, we slowly roasted her 15th Birthday chicken dinner on the BBQ and celebrated gracefully.  Take THAT electricity!

In other news...

The year's first clothing dried out of doors

looks a little crispy, wouldn't you say?

 Schooling continues with a renewed push - we ALL want to finish BEFORE the lovely late Spring days beckon us outside...

and these need to planted.


  1. A belated happy 15th sweetie.

  2. Ah brandywines, one of my favourites

  3. I'd say that was a pretty good week.....especially the pie and roasted chicken!

  4. Happy, happy birthday to your sweet daughter!

  5. Hi there, I ran across your blog and am loving your journey. Im a new follower!

  6. Happy birthday to your daughter. Both the birthday and the other pie look very delicious !!

  7. OOH! It looks so cold where you are. We have had glorious sunshine today, no snow thankfully, in fact not much snow at all this winter, and we have had lunch outside on our patio.
    P.s. happy birthday to your daughter!