Sunday, 18 March 2012

cleaning and sewing...

I spend my early mornings just like this.... 
reading by candlelight with a hot cup of tea, waiting for the sunrise.

Is that not something to get up early for?  It's my favourite time of day :)

The kids set the hammock up - a sure sign of Spring!  There's no better place to read according to Paige.

The dog enjoys his afternoon siesta on the sun warmed deck, just out of reach of the melting snow...

I'm busy putting my burst of "Spring Energy" to use ~ washing walls, scrubbing floors and cleaning light fixtures.  Everything is dirty and thickly coated with the dust and grime of the winter heating season.

Door mats and the dog bed cover are laundered and Lincoln's bed is aired... 

...and I'm sewing.  Sewing like a woman who has Spring nipping at her heels...  knowing full well that there will NOT be time for such things in another month.

Dotty and Lottie have joined me in the sewing room, 

A new peg bag that I can't WAIT to use.  As soon as the ice melts out of the hole in the ground I can set my rotary line back in place.  No more dryer after that!

New PJ's for Reece made using the same pattern that I used to make pj's for my oldest boys (now 20 and 18).  How time flies...


  1. I love Dottie and Lottie and the pj's are wonderful! Good luck with that cleaning. I have not been so inclined yet, lol.

  2. I love your pin cushions, gorgeous! I am off to have a hunt at the library catalogue and see if I can get a copy of that book to read too!
    Your hammock looks wonderful, I could just imagine curling up in it with a good book, divine!

  3. Such beautiful sewing! I'm scrubbing away, too, as best I can between baby's napping ;) I feel the busy season coming up quick!

  4. I thought those kids were brave with their short sleeves, but bare feet!! You and Paige know how to press the Aussie astonishment buttons. :)

  5. Enjoy this time....our spring came too early and everything is calling out for my attention all at once. I want to sit at the sewing machine, but gardening has taken over my life. What a impish expression on you son's face....I love it!

  6. That sunrise is definitely worth being up long as there is a cup of tea!!
    We are coming into Autumn now and i want to start sewing some pj's for the it possible to get your pattern number or is it no longer made? I really love it!(And the model of course!)
    That dog has the best life i reckon!

  7. hi
    your sewing is the peg-holder and the pj's.
    the sunrise is gorgeous!!!
    have a nice week,
    love regina

  8. Can't wait to put my clothes on the line also!
    Great job with the pyjama! Your son looks very proud of it :-)
    Keep up the good work!

  9. I just love your Dottie and Lottie!!! Your sewing looks wonderful. I have been washing screens this morning- they are probably ready to go back onto the windows now. What an early spring!


  10. I really like dottie and lottie! Did you make them?

    Spring is here in full force, and the garden calls for weeding. But then, its been needing it all winter -- never really got cold here.