Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Frugal Winter Fun

We discovered that the second large round bale of straw that we had delivered makes an EXCELLENT foundation for a sledding hill!  Kelly used the tractor and the snow thrower to pile up the snow on one side of the bale.  The kids were busy shaping and smoothing the "hill" and they rolled snowballs over toward the bale to build it up.  This clever idea kept our kids and the neighbours busy for 8 HOURS on Sunday :)     

With warmer temperatures over the past 2 days, most of the snow has now melted (as you see in the picture), but more of the white stuff is in the forecast.... 

$20.00 for straw = 5 months of fun and outdoor exercise

I'd say that's frugal!  


  1. It's not only frugal, it's priceless!!!!


  2. We all should be taking lessons from you and your family!....love it.

  3. My twins would have played there for ages!! What a fantastic idea and such fun....as you know i love that frugal outdoor play! Love looking at your snow pics while i am sitting ehre sweltering!