Friday, 30 November 2012

Baby Shower!

The star of the show was Miss Penny herself ~

and of course her beautiful Mama, Kelsey :)

One of 3 splurges... (roses, Lindt chocolates and a lovely journal for the guests to write their wishes for Penny).

A few days before the shower, I washed all my good china in preparation (so dusty from Fall harvest out here in the country).  The day before, cakes and cookies were baked. 

Paige (9) made these cookies (I helped a little with the icing but the rest was her!)

Megan (15) baked and decorated the chocolate cake all by herself...

and we decorated the house with tissue paper flowers which were composted at the end of the day.  

Kelsey's lovely Mom (Shirley) and me with Penny - 2 Grannys! XO

It was a wonderful Tea Party for a beautiful wee little girl :)

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  1. Congratulations grandma! She is a beautiful baby and will bring lots of love and joy to your family.