Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas Gift Making

I've got homemade vanilla steeping in a dark cupboard just like my friend Rose.   Thought I'd try vanilla infused maple syrup as I hear that's quite lovely on waffles or pancakes...

On my grocery list is good quality vanilla ice cream as it's an ingredient in a homemade Hot Buttered Rum recipe that I'm eager to try.  The jar of pre-made mix that we've been buying every year costs a fortune and hardly makes more than 8 mugs full.   Hopefully the homemade version turn out well and I'll share the recipe here :)

I'm making a few other things but I can't share here or it'll wreck the surprise!

What are YOU making for Christmas this year?


  1. Oh much i want to make and yet no of it has happened so far...i may need to revise my grand plans or get a few days without the twins lol! Vanilla maple syrup sounds like a fab idea....let us know how it goes!

  2. So, actual maple syrup is so expensive, we just can't afford it. so, I make due -- equal amounts of white sugar, brown sugar and water. And I always add vanilla at the end, not maple flavoring, because it so much better (I think that is comparing maple flavoring to the vanilla, not my syrup to maple syrup).

    I'm working hard on gifts, too! Go, girl, we can do it!