Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Blog Is Born!

As many of our friends and family members know, we made a rather abrupt change in our lives a little over 18 months ago.  We sold our "big house in the city" and bought a "little house on the prairie" that was in dire need of an update.  While most people think we're crazy, WE have never been happier!  Kelly and I both felt restriction in the city and we longed for more property to keep chickens again, grow a large family sustaining vegetable garden, plant a small orchard, and free range the kids :)  With many self sufficiency projects in mind and a desire to leave "conventional mainstream living" behind us, we quietly pulled the plug on city life.

It is indeed quiet here in the country.  Blissfully quiet...  no traffic to speak of, no hustle bustle and no rush.   The pastured cattle and abundant wildlife provide an ever changing view out our front windows that we call "Country TV".  The vast prairie skies invigorate and quench the desire for wide open spaces.

In spite of the quietness of the surrounding landscape, our life INSIDE this little house on the prairie has been anything BUT quiet :)   Hammering, drilling, wiring, plumbing, painting, and repairing.  There's not ONE corner of this house untouched ~ some finally finished, most, decidedly not.  Onward we trudge, dividing our time spent between the Must Do's and Want To Do's as equally as we can stand, all the while teaching the kids, and keeping up with the basic necessities of life (namely food and laundry!).

With this blog, we hope to record both the significant achievements and the simple (much less dramatic) progress towards our goal of self sufficient living.  Reaching our goals isn't about the big steps so much as it is about the small, consistent steps in the right direction.  Those small steps add up :)  Join us on our journey as we move toward a simple, sustainable, self sufficient life and welcome to our "Little Home In The Country"!

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