Friday, 29 April 2011

Back to The Thrift Shops!

On Thursdays, when one of my daughters has a class in town, I have an hour to check out our 2 local thrift stores.  If I'm really efficient, I can check them both out in that time as they aren't very far apart.  I scored a few treasures yesterday!

This large solid wood salad bowl is a fantastic find.  I've been looking for one for a long time, but most of the bowls I've seen were in really rough shape, or were not solid wood - instead made from glued pieces of wood.  This beautiful bowl was made in Canada by Baribocraft (no longer in existence) from one solid piece of wood (teak, I think), and is in nearly new condition.  Baribocraft manufactured solid wood pieces until the 1970's and I am elated to have found it for just $3.00!   In my searching, bowls made my this company are in demand and fetch quite a bit of money online.  That doesn't really matter to me - I'm just thrilled to own it now and I'm not planning to sell it after such a long search to find one :)  I've washed it with a mild dish soap (although I won't be soaping it in the future) and oiled it lightly with olive oil.  I can't wait to make my Dad's famous caesar salad dressing in this bowl and I'm dreaming of one day finding individual bowls to go with it.

My next find is a large 8 cup pyrex measuring cup in nearly new condition for $2.00.  This is something I will use very frequently, especially with jam and canning season upcoming...  I'm imagining it full of jewel colored chopped fruit :)  I also find these measuring cups really handy for making sauces and reheating things in the microwave.  It's a great size for stock, too!

Additionally, I found 4 very attractive shirts for myself in either new or nearly new condition.  They varied in price between $1 and $2 ~ certainly worth the money!  I hate paying full retail prices when I know that I can get what I need for far less.  When I am in the retail shops and I see a cute top for myself for $50, I can't bring myself to pay that when I KNOW I'll find something similar for under $5 at a local thrift shop.

I found some very pretty hand painted vintage Staffordshire dishes with a darling pussy willow pattern on them.  I didn't buy them even though I wanted to (they were so sweet!).  They were in great condition, and I LOVED the pattern but I really don't need them.  The set was far too small for us and I just couldn't justify spending the money on them, so they sat for someone else to discover.   All in all, it was a successful trip, not in quantity of items found, but in the quality and serviceability of what I did find!

I'll end this post with a picture of an egg that one of our hens laid this morning :)  It's nearly 3" long!  My kitchen scale isn't working, so I can't weigh it, but it's HEAVY!  We are noticing that the eggs are getting bigger each day now that the chickens are spending all of their days out of doors.  We watch them scratch and peck for bugs and worms and they even catch flies in mid air!  All the extra protein seems to really boost the egg size and I can't help but think that the sunshine and fresh air is also doing them a world of good!

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