Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Back To The Farm!

We were back at our friend's farm this morning as our beef cow was picked up yesterday and brought to their farm for finishing.  We jumped at the chance to see the cow in person and have another look around the farm.  Things are changing rapidly as the weather warms up and the babies are born!  Our cow is the brown one on the right (we couldn't get too close and they were a bit jittery with the kids ~ they are just getting settled in).

The new lambs we visited a week ago are noticeably bigger!  Their coats are coming in nicely and oh, What Fun to snuggle these little critters again :)

The pigs are doing well, and were enjoying the sun out in their pen, but when we went into the barn to see the lambs, they came scrambling in looking for some attention.  We are astonished at how bristly their coat is ~ it's like petting a scrub brush!

The Jersey cows are loving being out of doors in the milder weather.  There are new calfs expected in June and July!  They are very friendly and curious animals, loaded with personality.  Such a great life they have and so well tended they are.

I thought that you Aussie gals might like to see a picture of our Hills Hoist!  I bought the biggest one they make as we have a large family and we do approximately 20 - 25 loads of wash per week.   I bet you gals haven't ever seen a Hill's Hoist with snow on the ground!!!!  That's our chicken house, "The Henitentiary" beyond the gate and our garden is all to the left of the coop.

Here's our tractor still outfitted for snow removal with the auger and snow thrower on the front and chains on the tires.  We'll be switching it all over soon to the cutting deck to keep the grass mowed through the summer months.  Not yet though, as we could still get a good dump of snow right up into May!

Reece spent some time this morning priming the bases for the cold frames.  We were going to leave them unpainted, but as the wood is not treated (don't want the chemicals leaching in the soil), we know it will rot in just a few short seasons.   We opted for a latex primer that we had already (leftover from the renovation) so it didn't cost us anything extra.  I promise, a post WILL follow soon about the placement of these frames - I can't hardly wait to get them installed!  The soil is warm and workable in the sheltered spot we've chosen, so with the frames in place, look out!  We will have home grown greens at the table before you know it!

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