Monday, 16 April 2012

Garden Tour

  Can you see out my window?  Yes, that's more snow brightly reflecting the morning sun today.  We're getting very weary of it and I say it's high time for a little digging in the soil.  For now, I choose to be thankful for my indoor garden (which ironically blocks the view of the snow - a very good thing indeed for this winter weary, seedling flat rotator/indoor gardener).

I've got many different plants growing inside (far too may to list).   Aside from veggies, for the first time ever, I started a wide selection of perennials from seed.  We have grand plans for these emerging perennials in a new garden at the front of the house (flanking our new front steps (which are scheduled to be built sometime in May).  We haven't had front steps since we moved in nearly 3 years ago.  Seriously.  Front steps got pushed to the end of the renovation list ~ after all, they don't produce food or affect us on daily basis so down to the bottom of the list they go...   It's really quite hilarious to watch guests arrive at our house.  They haven't a clue how to physically GET to the front door. Cheap entertainment for crazy country folk like us :)

Oh yes, back to the garden...

This is a picture of tomato sauce and salsa.  Perhaps I should say that these plants will provide those yummy things 3 months from now...  

4 of our dining chairs have been put into use as a "tomato plant bench".  At Sunday dinner last night, we are all huddled on 3 sides of the table with various stools, etc...  Priorities!  Those plants need light and a place to safely wait until the greenhouse is finished (6 days and counting - but who's counting?).   They long outgrew the confines of the living room greenhouse, and this kitchen window is the only one left with enough sunlight.  


As to the Welsummer and Barnevelder hatching eggs - they have been delayed and will arrive mid-week.  So excited to fire up the incubator and tuck them in :)

Until then...


  1. I can just imagine your family sitting crossed legged on the floor, eating dinner. The dining room chair photo put a big smile on my face!

    Talking about the beginning, I used concrete blocks to reach the back door.

  2. Wow! Your indoor garden is wonderful!! What time do you start planting?

  3. your indoor garden looks beautiful!!! lovely idea with the dinning room chair.
    have a nice week,
    love regina

  4. Yes, we have been scattered about the kitchen for our meals... some at the island, some at the table. Too funny!

    We usually plant out the garden around May long weekend. Any sooner is a gamble. Cool crops can go in a little earlier - early May is good for them (peas, etc.). That said, our greenhouse is where I am intending on growing our tomatoes, so as soon as that is done (this weekend), the tomatoes will be planted in there :)

    Regina, thank you - I'm trying to comment on your blog but I can't seem to anymore... ???

  5. I'm interested in how many and what kinds of plants you have. I'm hoping to, someday, garden such that it provides all the veggies and fruits we will eat.... and yes, I'm already thinking about it, even though it won't likely happen for several more years. Got to get some place where we aren't likely to move in less than 2 years!

  6. Rachael, I'll do a post on it this week ok? :)

  7. That makes me laugh, we too have been with out front steps for nearly 2 years. My husband made a small make do ramp but it was slippery so we put carpet on it. Its not very pretty but it does the job. Many people are not sure of how safe it is (it's quite sturdy) so its amusing to watch them wondering wether they will risk it or not. Hope the snow clears soon :)

  8. Love the dining room chairs!!! Looks like you shall have some bumper crops this season!!

  9. What healthy looking seedlings and plants. I love how the plants take priority. I completely understand.

  10. Your house looks like mine right now...covered in seedlings...but I love it!