Saturday, 21 April 2012

All Together Now

So happy to be hosting my parents, my brother and our niece and nephew for a visit.  A year is far too long for this girl who likes having her family around :)

 Grandma taught Paige a few crochet tips and Paige (in return) taught Grandma how to finger knit!  My Mom is a skilled knitter and crocheter and can make just about anything anywhere out of thin air ~ oh, that talented Mom of mine...

 The girls are so happy to be together and have been chatting and giggling late into the night...

And as is typical in our family, the guys have been fixing things. Our little garden tractor wouldn't start, so by heck, let's fix it!  Happy are our boys when they are covered in grease bonding under the hood of something (or in my Father's case, literally UNDER something).

We girls are doing big things indoors...  cooking for the masses, cake baking, party prepping and decorating.  Such fun.

Today is the day that the greenhouse will be finished!  I dare not get too excited, because anything could happen, but it DOES look promising...

Stay tuned, for Big Things are happening this weekend! 


  1. It looks like a perfect family visit. Can't wait to see more....

  2. Nothing beats getting the family together.Glad you all had a good time together.
    The finger knitting sound interesting, do you want to share with us how to do it? X