Sunday, 29 April 2012

Greenhouse Update


The tomatoes saw their last day in the house yesterday.  I don't think we could have waited ONE more day... the poor plants are leggy and were MOST unhappy in the house... not enough sun, not enough space, not enough soil, etc.  Ah well, we don't aim for perfection here ~ we simply do the best we can with what we've got.  This year we were dealt with poor weather (read: SNOW) when hubby was home on his days off which really slowed construction down and consequently, delayed planting.

In fact, we had freezing daytime temperatures and a horrible windy snow storm just a few days ago (!) that delayed the final work on the greenhouse but now, with a proper door (salvaged from our renovation), and a clear fibreglass roof,

 the temperature soared inside the greenhouse!

One by one, the flats of pots were marched in to their new home.

Above is the view from the doorway

and here is the view from the opposite end.

The soil was prepared the other day (while it was snowing and blustery outside).  We worked in some aged manured straw and I laid out the soaker hoses, knowing that irrigation will be crucial to successful greenhouse growing. 

The project isn't quite finished yet...  Kelly wants to install a gutter and our old water storage tank from the basement to catch rain water from the roof and bang up some leftover siding from our renovation that will pretty up the greenhouse on the outside. 

 Do you see the poor little wilted plant that Reece is working with?  He chose that one to plant because it needed some TLC and he wanted to be the one to give it.  Oh my...  that melted this Mama's heart right on the spot.


  1. how exciting! and a true tighwad project. Its fun to see how you were able to put up a green house with minimal outlay of money.

    Bummer about the late snow falls -- or is this normal?

  2. Awesome, you just need a chair to sit and watch the plants grow.

  3. mama - Yes, sadly, this is normal here :( Usually, we can't plant any warm weather crops until around the 24th of May. Too risky!

    Kirsty - oh yes... a chair and a tall glass of iced tea sounds perfect :)

  4. Ah lovely, it would have melted my heart too!

  5. Now that green house would be where I'd be hanging out in the winter, I don't tolerate the cold one bit. Hence why I choose to live on the North Coast of NSW! It looks great.

  6. What a fantastic job you have all done! I'm all for the prettying it up on the outside so that it becomes a feature and you are drawn in there. Would have melted my heart too, what a gorgeous boy.

  7. Very nicely done and your tomatoes look like mine often do but they still do well in the garden.

  8. Oh wow, how's that! I have been watching the seedlings with interest.

  9. What a great job! I could never imagine being somewhere so cold we needed this...i shall stop moaning about our rainfall now lol!!
    Thoses seedlings look like they will thrive in there...and how cute is your little Reece? I hope it lives for him!!