Monday, 30 April 2012

Bottoms Up!

Blue Laced Wyandotte bottoms...

ISA Brown and Gold Laced Wyandotte bottoms,

 Barred Rock bottoms,

and even the Olive Egger and Maran pullets were showing their pretty little bottoms!

The reason, you ask?

Oh yes... today was tilling day!  

I get a little giddy when we turn over a few "test" spades full of soil and find earthworms in such proliferation that we can't even count them!  It's a happy day indeed to know that the soil is coming alive after it's long winter's nap.

Kelly tilled the garden for me today so that I can plant the cool weather crops over the next 2 weeks.   While he's away at work, I've got BIG plans to bring fresh, green life once again to this land and after a long winter, I'm itching to get at it.

Stay tuned for a planting list!


  1. I just love chickens...they are so beautiful. Looks like you will be very busy with the garden!

  2. Get up that bailing rope, it will catch quite badly around there feet--trust me. If you have ducks, they also like to try to eat it.

  3. Yes, Becky... it did get picked up :) Thanks for the reminder, though - you are so right - those silly chickies can and do get tangled up in that!