Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Egg Day!

After several weeks of waiting, our fertile Barnevelder and Welsummer eggs arrived!

 Each one was lovingly wrapped in 2 layers of bubble wrap and they were all nestled safely between multiple layers of padding.

The Welsummer eggs are the rich dark brown color.  Aren't they beautiful?

 We let the eggs come up to room temperature for the afternoon ~ they were mighty chilled from transport.  Hoping that won't affect the hatch rate too drastically.

Meanwhile, chores and our regular busy life here carries on...

 I wrapped my handmade apron to send off to my swap partner from 

Spread a little (mostly composted) manured straw in the greenhouse

Primed the installed greenhouse rafters outside....

 and primed the ones waiting to be installed this weekend. 

Can you see how HUGE our "chicks" are now?  They are 5-6 weeks old now :)   We tended to them as we always do ~ fresh bedding, water and food and even some of the first weeds that were growing in a sunny spot at the back of the house.  It was so funny to see them all fighting over the green pieces :)  There was plenty to go around, but chickens are funny like that ~ they always want what the other has!

These birds are nearly fully feathered, so they will be put out this weekend in a sheltered location, weather permitting.  This picture looks like they're really crowded, but they all stick together...  this is only half of their crate pen. 

 I'll share more on their new accommodation soon :)  

After the eggs arrived, much discussion ensued this afternoon.  Questions, reading, research... more questions....  a lot to learn in the coming weeks! 

We are busy preparing for out of province family to arrive in a few days.  Beds are being made up, food is being prepared, messes are being tidied up, furniture is re-arranged and the book piles are tamed :)  

My dear Grandmother turns 92 this weekend, so there's a party being planned!  Furtive lists and ribbons are strewn about the house...  such excitement in the air!


  1. I'm excited to see the new chicks hatch. I've never tried this. My chicks always arrive, through the mail, a few days old. It amazes me how they make the journey. House guests are always a way to get things tidy in a hurry. I'm loving your greenhouse. It is made very similar to mine.

  2. Good luck with your eggs. I always wanted barnvelders and loved my welsummers.

  3. Yes, Meggie, having guests is the swift kick in the pants that I needed to get the basement clean out finished. LOL It looks so much better now, I have no idea WHY it took me so long to go down there and finish it...

    I LOVE your greenhouse and I've been dreaming of having mine set up for YEARS... I can seriously hardly wait!

    becky - thanks - we've never had these breeds before, so I'm looking forward to seeing them grow up. We also have Marans (the 6 week old chicks in the above pics) and they lay REALLY dark eggs, too. So pretty!

  4. Oh!!! So exciting!! Can't wait to see what will come out of these eggs :-)

  5. I've never ordered fertilized eggs before! A new idea to think on here at the Shack! I'll have to do some research and see what is available in our area. Good luck with the hatch! Keep us posted!

  6. You are certainly busy there at the moment!!! What a lovely little package to receive...good luck with them!

  7. So many exciting happenings! Happy birthday to your grandmother - how wonderful :)

  8. Oh, the excitement of fertile eggs to hatch! We have hatched chicks and also turkeys here.... it is such a fun time.

    I found your lovely blog through DTE. :o)

  9. Oh those chickens are so cute:) I cannot wait to have some hens-I am clucky lol!
    As always, your blog is a wonderful read. Happy Birthday to you Grandmother, enjoy the festivities :)
    Love, love, love your blog. Shelly( Michelle75)

  10. What a wonderful blessing to have a 92 year old Grandmother! I hope you enjoy your time together!
    We have incubated chicks and even "call ducks" (my favorite) and it is very rewarding!


  11. Hi! I've awarded you the Versatile Bloggers award! Pick it up at the Shack!

  12. Great information, thank you for posting! Stopping by via "Little Shack on the Hill" and I am your newest follower! Congratulations on the award! I hope you will stop by and follow "The Redeemed Gardener".