Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Still can't quite believe it

It seems a little odd, but two and a half months into this giant adventure, I still can't quite believe that we're here!   Being "home" on the coast feels amazing and although we miss our friends and family members back on the prairie, the lifestyle here is a great fit for us.  We've never been so active and motivated to BE active - the beauty all around us beckons...

October beach play seems so ridiculously indulgent I giggle like a child every time we go!   It's a 5 minute drive to the ocean - pinch me, am I dreaming?

Typhoon Songda brought strong seas to the area resulting in a beach full of torn seaweed.  Taking only seaweed washed up above the high tide line (and only from a small area), we filled the bottom of our 8x8 utility trailer in just a few minutes.   We feel incredibly lucky to have access to this rich nutrient resource for the garden and will be working to incorporate it into our new (in-process) sheet mulching project (more on that soon).


Now that the big "crunch" of work is over, I'm finding a little time for blogging and hope to update more regularly again.

Until next time XO


  1. We are about 40mins from the beach, which to some would be a dream come true, but I grew up on the beach, and I miss being really close to it. You are very lucky indeed.

    1. I grew up a 5 min walk from the beach and have sorely missed it while living on the prairie for 17 years...

  2. So beautiful!! Looking forward to your posts again :)

  3. What a gorgeous place you live in Sherri! It is way too long since I visited your blog but it is wonderful. Your new house is gorgeous. What an exciting time!

  4. Thinking of you often with love, would so much like to read what you all are doing these days xxx