Thursday, 25 August 2016

All done

The deck is finally covered in 2 coats of stain and I'm happy to say it looks MUCH better.  Now that it's protected, it should last us for many years and we're quite pleased with the savings vs. buying new deck boards.

Next up on "the list" was to build a shed to house tools and equipment.  We are currently sharing the 2 car garage with my parents which is difficult given the amount of tools, equipment and garden gear we have (together).  

We are building a second garage next Spring but in the meantime, everyone will be able to share the existing garage with the addition of a shed to temporarily house things not needed daily.  We normally would have built a permanent structure but our situation is unique in that we need a shed in the current location for only a year or so then will need to move it to a permanent home (yet to be determined) once we develop gardens and livestock areas, etc. 

This option gave us the most flexibility (which we will need over the coming 2 years as the homestead develops). 

Stay tuned for the next project!


  1. You've done a real nice job.....enjoy it. Will there be deck furniture and potted plants etc I wonder?

    1. Oh yes, indeed! First up is a few potted plants (I have the pots from our last home) but the furniture will have to wait until we can find something second hand (one of our many "wants" on a long list of things we need to replace post move) :)

  2. The deck looks wonderful! It will be a great place to sit and relax as a family. :)

    Little sheds can be very handy, perhaps when you have a bigger one built you can pop it in your veggie patch for a handy place to keep all your gardening bits while you work. Its lovely to have a designated shed/area where your tools don't go wondering off.....I'm not sure if that's such a problem in your house, but it certainly is in mine!


    1. This shed will probably be incorporated into the gardens once the second garage is built. It's so handy to have one right where you are working. Saves so much hauling!