Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Picking and Packing

Packing and picking aptly describes what we're up to here as we're in the home stretch before we officially hit the road to our new digs on the coast.

Packing: We're trying to get by on as little as possible (and are shocked at how little this really is) which makes one seriously think about belongings and what's needed for true happiness.   Apparently, we don't need much.    Lots pondering happening on this issue and it'll be interesting to see how we feel about each item we unpack it on the other side.  I'll probably look at everything and wonder why we brought it all!

Picking: raspberries, herbs galore, strawberries, lettuce, kale & peas (certainly enough to keep us well fed which isn't bad from a garden that really wasn't planted intentionally and with purpose this year).

Morning soaked (local) oats heaped with dewy berries JUST plucked from the canes.  There's nothing finer!


  1. That is so true about what is REALLY necessary.
    As we ponder a move in our future, I'm looking at what we have with a very critical eye. It's time for a thinning out!
    And what a great summer breakfast!

    1. It's quite strange that most of our belongings are packed up and we don't miss a thing but perhaps that's because all our time is spent packing and preparing so we are lacking any free time to pursue interests...

  2. I hear you there.

    Since we have been renovating our family of 5 has been living in 3 rooms essentially. I have culled, and culled again. And soon when we unpack the last boxes in the shed I can predict we will cull about 50% of that. And we have been pretty seriously minimising and avoiding consumerism for a long time now.

    Things I thought were sentimental no longer are, except the most precious.

    It's certainly an interesting process, I wish you all the best with it.


    1. Sentimentality is an important issue - and one I grappled with. I came to realize that things I cherished years ago no longer held special places in my heart... We change as we grow older and also, life experience teaches us that it's PEOPLE who matter not things...

  3. It's a big job packing and moving....and getting rid of stuff before you move is always good. All the best with the move and new place.