Thursday, 9 June 2016

Healthy Food During The Transition

Now that we are full steam ahead with the move my mind is chock full of the details, arrangements and jobs I need to do to make it happen.  I have several lists going which are in a constant state of change (tasks are being added as fast as I complete jobs and cross items off the list)!  Each day is full but brings us one day closer to making our dream a reality.

Normally, this is my season of heavy gardening but I've barely set foot outside to work in the gardens here as I'm packing up the house.   I am harvesting some lovely fresh greens and herbs but I'm not seeding or aggressively growing food at this time because it won't be ready for harvest before we move.   Once we received an offer on the house 3 weeks ago, I halted all seeding and planting (which just happened to be ONE day before I intended to seed the main annual garden). Talk about timing!

We've been eating lovely fresh greens and herbs and the strawberries have started to ripen as well.  Such tasty and delicate treats after a long winter of shop bought produce!  This year I planted out my ceramic planters to edible greens instead of flowers.  It's been handy to nip out the back door to harvest some lettuce and snip herbs for a lunchtime salad.  Doing this really proves that you CAN make a dent in your food bill through container growing. 

Two days ago, I revived my sourdough starter which was on "holiday" in the fridge while the craziness of the real estate madness was in full swing.  It turned out to be very much alive and quickly responded to several small feedings in short succession and I now have sourdough bread proofing on my counter as I type.  After many weeks without it, I'm REALLY eager to eat it warm with butter for my lunch. 

 I've been pushing to keep up with sandwich bread baking rather than buying shop bread.  My aim is to keep us well fuelled with good food during this time of intense stress and hard work.  We will need it now more than ever...

To accomplish decent (albeit basic) meals, I need to plan my time wisely to avoid burnout so I've been stopping and cleaning up all packing and moving related work by 3pm so I can have my cup of tea and rest for a few minutes before the kids gets home and the afternoon routines of homework help, supper prep and end of day tasks must be done.  

Hubby has been busy packing up his garage and dealing with vehicle maintenance in preparation or the big drive. He's also busy trying to establish employment on the Island (which is going well, but there is a lot to sort out and decide about).  We are needing to book the moving truck around his new job, so that's just one of the pieces we are trying to fit into this complex "puzzle" that is an out of province move.

Stay tuned!


  1. So pleased to see its all happening for you Sherri! May your move go well. I look forward to following along.

  2. Exciting times indeed, I look forward to reading about your new beginnings.

  3. ...just get rid of the old HOS blog link please. Starting again

  4. hello,
    your sourdough starter looks well. i have no luck with my sourdough. i think it's to cold.
    i sell my house too.
    wish you a wonderful week,