Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Hot Commodity and the POWER of FreeCycle

Our hottest commodity right now is boxes.  Who'd have imagined the lowly cardboard box could be worth so much?

I have always loved FreeCycle (we give away most of our no-longer-needed things in this way) but never have I loved it more than now.   As it happens, a family who quite often takes things we no longer need has a nifty box connection.  The husband works in a place where sturdy uniform boxes are available in abundance and he VERY KINDLY has been bringing home large quantities of flattened boxes (which I stop and pick up on my trips into town).  Praise for the kindness and generosity of FreeCyclers!

These boxes are truly surplus waste at this fellow's place of work and are hauled off for recycling on a frequent basis.  I'm glad to be putting them to good use rather than buying moving boxes (which are insanely expensive and frankly, not that sturdy).    I've also managed to find some inexpensive packing paper (roll ends from the local newspaper) which sell for $5/roll and have loads of unprinted, unbleached paper on them.  I'm quite pleased :)

I have big plans for all this cardboard and paper on the "other end" of this epic move.  Can anyone guess?  YUP!


 I have a large garden to establish so will make good use of all the "carbonaceous" materials we are bringing with us.  Combined with my Uncle's vast supply of well rotted horse manure, some green manure crops and cover crops, I should be in a good position to plant by next Spring!


  1. Oh the joy of uniform boxes - they stack properly. We use all our linen and towels etc to pack around crockery and breakables too.

  2. that's a win, win win situation, you take the boxes and use them twice, well done my Dear.
    Mr P's suggestion of using linen etc (even clothes) to wrap breakables is a good one too xx

  3. I was lucky and also found free packing boxes when we moved :) Great idea to use them in the garden at the other end.

    Incidentally, does anyone know what happened to Phil at House of Simple? I miss reading that blog...

  4. Happy packing Sherri, its all looking and sounding quite organized. :)