Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Keep calm and cuddle!

Meet "Tiger".  He's the newly appointed Jr. Executive Director at Little Home In The Country and his job is to ensure that NOBODY goes too long without a rest and a cuddle.  What a wonderful way to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the true pleasures in life - our loved ones :)


  1. I just brought one of our old momma house cats inside. She's too old to stay outside anymore in winter.

  2. He is certainly growing since he left our house! As I type, his brother is bothering me incessantly. Purring. Walking across the keyboard. Biting my hand as I work the keyboard. Pretty cute, but bothersome nonetheless.

  3. Merry Christmas from the Blue Ridge Mountains. I hope it isn't too cold way up there in Canada, but then, Christmas is supposed to be chilly!